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Why Interior Designers Love Using Stone To Add Texture

If it’s time to update your home or office try incorporating interior masonry for a striking, upscale look. A wide range of interior masonry products makes it easier than ever to create stunning masonry features for your home. Consider some of these innovative ideas for using interior masonry in your home.

Benefits Of Interior Masonry

Interior masonry is available in an impressive array of stone types to complement almost any interior design style. From dry-stacked stone to classic brick, to rustic natural stone, interior masonry adds character and texture to any home. Whether your home is modern, rustic, or traditional, interior masonry will add style and value.

Feature Walls An accent wall can transform the look of a room or area of your home. Feature walls add impact and create bold focal points. Exposed masonry offers a unique and exciting alternative to a painted or wallpapered accent wall. A masonry feature wall offers the added benefit of being able to withstand bumps and scrapes, making it especially effective in high-traffic areas. Consider choosing exposed brick over modern tile for a traditional home. Or, if rustic is more your style, unfinished natural stone will add a natural, country feel to your interior. Masonry accent walls on stairways create a particularly striking effect, making you feel as though you are entering a completely new space.

Masonry in the Kitchen We often see kitchen backsplashes made from tile. But tile can chip or crack, and exposed grout can show stains and deteriorate over time. Stone is becoming a popular alternative to tile for backsplashes because it is extremely durable and offers high heat and water resistance. Stone backsplashes are also easy to clean with just a mild soap and water solution. Matching your kitchen backsplash to the original masonry style of the home will create a timeless feel.

Updating a kitchen island with stone veneer can elevate the look and feel of your kitchen without a complete overhaul. The addition of stone adds visual weight, texture, and character to a kitchen. A stone fireplace in the kitchen creates a cozy and inviting atmosphere. If you have more than one interior masonry feature, using the same stone across the different elements will help create continuity.

Masonry Accents If you love the idea of adding interior masonry to your home but aren’t ready for a full accent wall, there a number of ways to incorporate masonry accents throughout your home. Stone pillars and archways create a grand feeling when used in a large space. In a smaller home, they can make a room feel cozy and rustic.

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