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Thin Brick..... A Greener Option

Thin brick is hands down one of the single best, most versatile, most sustainable materials to use for any indoor or outdoor renovation. It’s made better, it’s easier to use, it costs less, plus it even uses 80% less embodied energy compared to standard brick. If you’re still not convinced it’s the right material for you, just take a look below at two reasons thin brick is called “a greener brick.”

Maximum Sustainability

All thin bricks are made out of 40% – 100% recycled materials, plus every aspect of its production, waste, transportation, and installation is handled with greater sustainability in mind. For instance, while it takes roughly 4,114 BTU’s to make one standard brick, it only takes 907 to make thin brick!

Overall Weight

Aside from it’s actual composition, one of the biggest differences between thin brick and standard brick, the reason it costs less and is easier to use anywhere, is how much less it weighs. While one standard brick can weigh up to almost four pounds, an equivalent thin brick would only weigh .65 lbs. – and that affects every other aspect of your renovation. For instance, on average, a standard truckload of regular brick may cover about 1,640 square feet, and require about 1,350 lbs. of mortar per 100 sq. ft. That means, for an average 3,000 sq. ft. order, you’re looking at 76,950 lbs. of brick, 40,500 lbs. of mortar, and at least five trucks to carry it all – your delivery costs alone for a typical 300km journey would be $5,500! However, by choosing thin brick, you can easily fit more than 9,500 sq. ft. onto one truck, and even all that would only require 165 lbs. of mortar per 100 sq. ft. For the same 3,000 sq. ft. order, that means you would only need half a truckload of thin brick, weighing only 16,200 lbs. You’d also only need 5,000 lbs. of mortar for the entire job, and your delivery for the same distance trip would only cost $500!

The point is, thin brick may be called the “greener brick” for its gentler impact on the environment, but everyone knows it’s even better for your bottom line! Choose Obsidian Exteriors to install your thin brick today. Call us for a free consultation, or simply fill out the form on our "contact us" page.

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